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Leaders and the Notion of Excellence

It is very hard for leaders to come to grips with the notion of Excellence, particularly that in the 21st century we are often referring to a moving target. Excellence in a modern context is the attainment of a relative state of achievement and performance. The relative state of performance is however appropriate and applicable to any organisation, operating in any sector of the economy and being at any state of competitiveness. Excellence could mean on the one hand being able to fulfil the requirements of customers and stakeholders that are current, clearly defined and predictable since they are representing an ability to replenish, to do more of the same and to be reliable and consistent in dependability.
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 Inspirational Leadership: Driving Excellence in UWS

 Dr Charles Sorensen, Chancellor of the University of Winsconsin-Stout has led the University for over twenty years. Dr Sorensen is only the sixth person in history to head the 113-year old University and to receive the world’s highest honour for performance excellence and quality achievement.
The University of Wisconsin Stout is the first university to receive the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award and provides a national leadership role for other higher education institutions across the world.
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