Our Approaches

ECBPM uses a generic model for designing, developing and delivering initiatives such as this 6i’s Model which is the process by joining the creative aspect to the delivery aspects.

  • Inspiration:This step is based on a direct request from clients and sponsors and takes place as a result of our own academic research. The key feature of this aspect is the formulation of ideas and the content of which is required.
  • Initiation: We have an excellent research support team and access to a lot of information, knowledge and resources that enable us to design new initiatives.
  • Innovation: The outcome of the second initiative is a knowledge product of the highest standards, which are current pioneering and which addresses the needs of our clients and sponsors and key stakeholders. However, at the end of the creative side of our approach is the start of our downstream activities, which are about making knowledge work.
  • Implementation: Whether it is research outcomes or newly designed and developed education and training programmes and initiatives. We have excellent processes by which we support our organisations and by which we disseminate that knowledge to all key stakeholders.
  • Impact: To ensure that the right design leads to the right result we always re-evaluate our work to ensure it has the right impact. This is done on a formal or an informal basis, we invite recipients of our training and education programmes to evaluate various aspects of the initiatives and use the feed back to measure that we have fulfilled the objectives and that the learning created has had the right impact so that the clients have had customer satisfaction. On a more informal basis, other initiatives which are research driven and concern the work that we design and develop is often validated and commented upon by subject matter experts.
  • Integration: To work closely with clients, associates and stakeholders to ensure that our knowledge and doctrine gets embedded in the culture of organisations we work in.