Honouring Professor Kano

The Kano Medal has been developed for the purpose of encouraging quality professionals in different parts of the world to continue doing the important work of facilitating the introduction of quality and excellence concepts and supporting the smooth implementation of quality improvement programmes in their employer organisations.

Very often referred to as champions, co-ordinators, facilitators, change agents and quality leaders these individuals assume a very critical role in enabling the growth and development of quality thinking in their organisations and acting as a catalyst for the propagation of awareness, education and competency building in so far as driving the momentum of excellence is concerned.

This medal is developed to honour the incessant work that Professor Kano has conducted in various parts of the world over many years and to recognise his unique and significant contribution enabling quality to grow in both public and private sector. Professor Kano has taught the principles of quality improvement and the fundamentals of excellence to executives and quality champions both East and West in thousands of organisations. His philosophy is based on creating the momentum for driving quality that creates value both internally and externally for the customer.

The purpose of the Kano Medal:

  1. To recognise the contributions made by quality professionals and excellence catalysts in guiding, supporting, enabling and helping realise significant benefits in their own organisations;
  2. To give exposure to the important role of quality professionals and excellence catalysts by ensuring that they receive internal support and encouragement for helping drive quality momentum in their organisations;
  3. To create a global community of quality professionals through the enablement of knowledge transfer and experience sharing from the various industry sectors and organisational contexts;
  4. The Kano Medal will also act as an impetus for encouraging quality professionals to continue their lifelong learning and develop more competencies in advanced quality and excellence thinking for guiding and growing quality maturity in their organisations and supporting the injection and implementation of innovative thinking.

The five winners of this award were:
Abdulqader Obaid Ali, Shawqi Hamdan Sajwani,Maj. General Abdul Quddoos A. Razaq Al Obaidli, Farid Mohammed Ahmed and Hawa Abdulla Bastaki.