Juran Chair

ECBPM is the home of the Juran Chair in Total Quality Management and is the only one of its’ kind in the world. It is a prestigious personal accolade for Professor Mohamed Zairi. The Juran Chair was set up in collaboration with HBMeU (previously known as the eTQM College in Dubai) of which Professor Zairi is currently the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Strategy and Growth. The recognition has been personally endorsed by Dr. Joseph Juran who is widely accepted as the Father of Quality, the guru’s guru, a seminal figure in the development of management theory.

To ensure continuity of his work he passed the torch of quality to Professor Mohamed Zairi by endowing him the Juran Chair. The creation of the Juran Chair not only memorialises and honours the work of the centennial giant, Dr. Juran, who spent a lifetime teaching the virtues of quality to the world for the betterment of society and mankind.

To know more about the work and the progress of Juran Chair and activities undertaken under the banner of Juran Chair by Professor Mohamed Zairi, please follow the links below: