University of Wisconsin Stout signs

W-Stout is the first Malcolm Baldrige Award recipient in higher education. The University provides a national leadership role for other higher education institutions across the world.

UW-Stout is characterised by a distinctive array of programs leading to professional careers focused on the needs of society. These programs are presented through an approach to learning which involves combining theory, practice, and experimentation. UW-Stout has over 1200 employees.

The relationship between Wisconsin Stout University and Professor Mohamed Zairi goes back a few years. Professor Zairi has worked closely with Charles Sorensen (Chancellor of Wisconsin Stout) and Professor Julie Furst-Bowe (Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost). Wisconsin Stout University has supported some of the work led by Professor Zairi in the Middle East in relation to quality and excellence in higher education.

The relationship has been more solidified by the signing of a MoU. Currently the two parties concerned are exploring the possibility of running joint programmes at post graduate level both in the US and throughout the globe.