Professor Zairi plays key role in Dubai Excellence Programme

Professor Zairi is honoured to be given the prestigious task to assist the Executive Office DGEP team in implementing the Dubai Government Excellence Programme. Professor Zairi has been asked by the Dubai Government to be the external mentor and advisory body for the Dubai Government Excellence programme (DGEP) which promotes excellence across the public sector in Dubai.

Every two years, each public sector service must submit a report on its quality initiatives and identify areas for improvement according to criteria outlined by the Government which invites independent assessors to scrutinise the various departments.

The reports go back to the Government and the ruler of Dubai acknowledges best performance and gives prizes to those that excel. Professor Zairi will be involved in building the protocol system and procedure for department assessments; assessor training; co-ordinating all the activities of the jury who validate the work of the assessors; and preparing recommendations for the ruler of Dubai to make his final award presentations.

“We have been given exposure to all public service departments, which is a unique position to be in and indicates a high level of trust in us from the Dubai Government.” Professor Mohamed Zairi.