Dinner talk for the Jordan Society for Quality Assurance

The Minister of Public Sector Development, Dr Khalif Khawaldeh launched the Jordan Society for Quality (JSQ) awareness campaign under the slogan “excellence and creativity to explore success in the future” for the dissemination of the latest developments, concepts and activities of quality in order to build a culture of excellence and performance improvement at the level of individuals and institutions. The evening began with a lecture by Professor Mohamed Zairi under the heading “The Role of Creativity in Leadership Excellence in the 21st Century” where he spoke about creativity, its importance and its relationship to systems of quality and excellence.

Venue: Amman

The talk was aimed at promoting quality and excellence in Jordan as well as promoting membership at JSQ. The target audience was made up of JSQ members, potential members of government and private sector entities in Jordan.

During the evening the Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSQ, Engineer Osama Hammad and Professor Zairi presented Diplomas in Quality Management and Excellence to the first batch of graduates.