One day seminar: 1st SQC International Forum on Business Excellence

Saudi Quality Council (SQC) is a non profit organisation / Council supported by more than 50 companies, government organisations and educational institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia SQCs mission is to advance individual and organisational performance excellence by providing opportunities for learning, quality improvement and knowledge exchange.

Venue: Meridian Hotel, Fayrouz Hal, Madinah Road, Jeddah

The one day seminar included key note speeches by Professor Mohamed Zairi and Dr Tito Conti. Prof Mohamed Zairi spoke on the theme Sustaining Organizational Excellence the Role of Innovation. Dr Conti’s theme was Approaches to Achieving Sustainable Excellence. Abstract: In the era of internet based competition the traditional business models where value is creating through a push mode by touching the products and services at various stages of organisational activity is no longer appropriate.

Customers are now truly in the driving seat and the flow of innovation is more geared towards softer perspectives that create unique and individualised experiences rather than seeking to create a competitive impact through fulfilling basic utilitarian and even hedonic needs and requirements.