Building Excellence Momentum

“Excellence is the unlimited ability to improve the quality of what you have to offer.”

Rick Pitino

The downturn in the economy is requiring all organisations to re-evaluate their position and decide what they are to do differently. No organisation is left unaffected by the effects of the economic crisis. It is times like these where excellence is even more important. Organisations need to be improving all the time and getting more for less due to future uncertainty. The journey to excellence is an essential cause for all organisations as it enables organisations to become more competitive. Every organisation needs to step up to move forward and faster by drawing on its strengths, curtailing the weaknesses and building and sustaining the momentum.

Reducing budgets and headcount is the most obvious cost reduction measure but cutting costs at the expense of breeding low morale with employees and damaging relationships can prove fatal. As the sense of urgency accelerates, the challenge for organisations is whether they are on the right path, the path to success. The pursuit of building excellence momentum has never been more pressing.

Before mounting the journey to excellence it is extremely important to gain commitment from top management- without this it is very difficult to drive improvement forward. For those organisations that have already began their journey, it is time they doubled their efforts and turn to the challenges they face into opportunities. There is no ‘quick’ fix or cure for the current state of the economy but the time has come to deal with these issues and use the momentum of past achievements to move forward in order to build and shape the future.